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Most insurances cover chiropractic, but few cover acupuncture.
But, that's okay. We have affordable discount plans that can make your acupuncture treatments as low as   $35.

Located in Windsor Locks, Connecticut, [Click here for Map]the Chiropractic Health Center is dedicated to helping you achieve better health and wellness.
Dr. David McMullen is committed to relieving your acute pain/suffering, rehabilitating your muscle/joint imbalances and recovering your bodies desire for optimum wellbeing. Relief. Rehabilitation. Recovery.

                              Why Choose Us?

All chiropractors are not the same. You can search the internet to get general information about the chiropractic profession, but choosing the right Doctor of Chiropractic is too important to leave to chance. Our first advice is to ask around. Talk to your friends, coworkers and other healthcare providers.
Secondly, give us a call to schedule a free consultation. You'll get to meet us, see the office and discuss your particular needs with the doctor. Then go home to see if it 'feels right.'

If you are concerned about forceful 'cracking', please click HERE to learn more about the most advanced, FDA approved adjusting technique.
        For more information, call us at (860) 627-5230
  • Same day appointments available.
  • Friendly and courteous staff.
  • Professional but comfortable atmosphere.
  • Private treatment rooms.
  • Convenient location with handicap access.
  • Over 20 years experience.
  • ON-SITE: quality vitamins, Chinese herbs, pain-relieving creams & orthopedic supplies (orthotics, pillows, braces, supports, etc...)
  • Exercise prescription.
  • MD, PT and attorney referrals.
  • Most insurance accepted; we do all the paperwork
  • Hundreds of hours of postgraduate education/ training in Acupuncture, Orthopedics, Neurology, Headaches, Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, TMJ, Nutrition, Rehabilitation, Sports Injuries, and Whiplash.
  • Advanced training in rehabilitation techniques.
  • We accept auto and workers' compensation cases.

You are assured of receiving quality care and treatment by receiving a detailed physical examination followed by a personalized treatment plan that may consist of diversified chiropractic techniques, acupuncture, physiotherapy modalities, therapeutic exercises and nutritional advice. Dr. McMullen will work with your other healthcare providers to ensure you receive all the care you deserve. We have a genuine concern for your health and well-being!

Please feel free to discover more about Chiropractic Health Center and chiropractic wellness through our website!

We hope to see you soon!

For more information, call us at (860) 627-5230

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